Monday, January 25, 2010

I Heart Faces - Week 4 - Texture
Wow... I am amazed at the way my picture turned out. This was a picture I took of my daughter in the house. I loved her expression and face here but not the background. It just screamed to me "I need to be in the snow..."

So, when I saw the textures contest this week, I knew which picture I would try. I added texture with a picture that had some lovely bokeh (it reminded me of snow). Once added, I ran an action from coffeeshop actions. I think it turned out beautiful. Check out all the entries this week over at I Heart Faces at the texture challenge at

Friday, January 22, 2010

I draw...

I love what I do day-to-day at work. I work with great people and I work on lots of projects at once (that way, I can bounce around if I get bored with one thing). However, my passion is drawing. It started at an early age when I used to sit with my grandmother at church and during the service, she would hand me a little notepad and a pencil or pen. Years later when she died, we found a whole shoebox full of my drawings. I guess she was my first fan. Wow, how I miss her (that's another post).

Anywho, I am currently working on a drawing for a guy I work with of his son. It is turing out nice. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite drawings... What do you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My youngest daughter has the longest eye lashes. Does this mean that I am in trouble when she gets older? I fear that I may. Just look at her face.

My oldest daughter has a kind heart and without knowing it, she can have you wrapped around her finger in no time. She also has beautiful hair and a bubbly personality. I fear my husband will need to clean his guns for future boyfrinds may be lurking. hehe

Week 1 - January 2010

Dear Reader

I writing. First know I am not a writer. Never have been. Never will be. However, I have come to enjoy blogs all over the web about ordinary women sharing their cooking skills, craft skills, stories of life, pictures, and the list goes on and on. I thought, why couldn't I do this.

I want my blog to be about all the things that make my life crazy but yet perfect for me. So every week, I will share stories of my kids — Rilee (5) and Caleigh (almost 2), my husband, my family and my life. Hopefully, I won't bore you to tears.

My first story - Things to come

Ok... I don't cuss a lot but I do say the proverbial cuss word like s_ _ t and d_ _n. When my youngest was born (she is now 5), I tried very hard not to say these words. I always made mention that we should never repeat daddy as well. I am not sure why, but she knew the difference. She knows they are words not to say.

Now my youngest... she is going to be stubborn, defiant and test my every nerve. In the ice the other day, the car slid and the the proverbial cuss word came out. At that point, my youngest (almost 2) repeated the same word about 6 times (H_ ll). If I had not been terrified, I might have laughed. I fear that in the future, I will be getting a note home from her daycare (which is Christian-based) letting me know about her language. You know what, I think she knows the difference too. She just doesn't care. Any thoughts?

The Beginning


The last several days have been "SNOW" days here in Tennessee. I have enjoyed watching both of my girls playing in the snow, for the youngest, it was her first time. They played for almost an hour before I made them come back in. Later for dinner I made spagetti which is the favorite meal of the kids as you can see. Caleigh really enjoyed herself...

I just received my digital SLR for Christmas, so I have been snapping pictures like crazy. I am going to post this over at "Iheartfaces" for the best face photo. Who hasn't taken one of these photos of their kids at some point?