Friday, January 22, 2010

I draw...

I love what I do day-to-day at work. I work with great people and I work on lots of projects at once (that way, I can bounce around if I get bored with one thing). However, my passion is drawing. It started at an early age when I used to sit with my grandmother at church and during the service, she would hand me a little notepad and a pencil or pen. Years later when she died, we found a whole shoebox full of my drawings. I guess she was my first fan. Wow, how I miss her (that's another post).

Anywho, I am currently working on a drawing for a guy I work with of his son. It is turing out nice. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite drawings... What do you think?


  1. wow, wonderful work. I miss drawing and need to get back to it. Actually, I need to get back to art in general. I miss making altered books and collages too.

  2. OMG... we should be best buds. I loved working in collages, etc. in college. Of course reality hit when I had to get a real job that paid well after graduating. Drawing is basically the only thing I do on a regular basis. I still paint some too. Did you go to school for design or is it just a passion? I am also obsessed with pop up books. I made a few of those too.