Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 1 - January 2010

Dear Reader

I know...CRAZY...me writing. First know I am not a writer. Never have been. Never will be. However, I have come to enjoy blogs all over the web about ordinary women sharing their cooking skills, craft skills, stories of life, pictures, and the list goes on and on. I thought, why couldn't I do this.

I want my blog to be about all the things that make my life crazy but yet perfect for me. So every week, I will share stories of my kids — Rilee (5) and Caleigh (almost 2), my husband, my family and my life. Hopefully, I won't bore you to tears.

My first story - Things to come

Ok... I don't cuss a lot but I do say the proverbial cuss word like s_ _ t and d_ _n. When my youngest was born (she is now 5), I tried very hard not to say these words. I always made mention that we should never repeat daddy as well. I am not sure why, but she knew the difference. She knows they are words not to say.

Now my youngest... she is going to be stubborn, defiant and test my every nerve. In the ice the other day, the car slid and the the proverbial cuss word came out. At that point, my youngest (almost 2) repeated the same word about 6 times (H_ ll). If I had not been terrified, I might have laughed. I fear that in the future, I will be getting a note home from her daycare (which is Christian-based) letting me know about her language. You know what, I think she knows the difference too. She just doesn't care. Any thoughts?


  1. i think she enjoys them. My 2 yr old loves any word i say with gusto (which explains why he yelled dammit when he dropped hi s lollipop one day, LOL)

  2. Oh that is so funny. My daughter will be 2 in May. She has her own personality and stomps when she doesn't get her way. I love this age!